Bruce Lee (chinese language: 李小龍; born in Lee Jun-fan, 李振藩; November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973) become a Hong Kong and American martial artist, martial arts trainer, actor, filmmaker, and logician.He turned into the founding father of Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid martial arts philosophy drawing from distinctive combat disciplines that is frequently credited with paving the way for current mixed martial arts (MMA). Lee is considered by means of critics, media, and other martial artists to be the maximum influential martial artist of all time and a popular culture icon of the 20 th century, who bridged the space among East and West. he is credited with promoting Hong Kong motion cinema and assisting to alternate the way Asians had been provided in American movies.

Lee changed into the son of Grace Ho and Lee Hoi-chuen, a Cantonese opera star primarily based in Hong Kong. He was born in San Francisco in 1940 even as his parents were journeying the city for his father’s live performance excursion abroad. The circle of relatives back to Hong Kong some months later. He became delivered to the Hong Kong film industry as a baby actor by using his father. but those have been not martial art films. His early martial arts experience protected Wing Chun (skilled below Yip man), tai chi, boxing (winning a Hong Kong boxing match), and reputedly frequent road fighting (neighbourhood and rooftop fights). In 1959, Lee, having U.S. citizenship due to his beginning, become able to pass to Seattle. In 1961, he enrolled inside the university of Washington. It turned into at some stage in this time within the usa that he started thinking about creating wealth via teaching martial arts despite the fact that he aspired to an appearing career. He opened his first martial arts school, operated out of domestic in Seattle. After later adding a 2nd school in Oakland, he once drew large attention at the 1964 lengthy seashore international Karate Championships of California via making demonstrations and talking. He finally moved to los angeles to train, wherein his students included Chuck Norris, Sharon Tate, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. in the Seventies, his Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced films improved the Hong Kong martial arts films to a brand new level of popularity and acclaim, sparking a surge of Western hobby in chinese language martial arts. The path and tone of his movies dramatically encouraged and changed martial arts and martial arts films worldwide.

he’s cited for his roles in 5 function-duration Hong Kong martial arts films in the early Seventies: Lo Wei’s The massive Boss (1971) and Fist of Fury (1972); Golden Harvest’s manner of the Dragon (1972), directed and written by means of Lee; and Golden Harvest and Warner Brothers’ input the Dragon (1973) and the sport of dying (1978), each directed by Robert Clouse.Lee have become an iconic parent acknowledged throughout the sector, in particular among the chinese language, based upon his portrayal of chinese language nationalism in his films, and among Asian americans for defying Asian stereotypes. Having to start with learnt Wing Chun, tai chi, boxing, and road fighting, he mixed them with different influences from numerous resources into the spirit of his non-public martial arts philosophy, which he dubbed Jeet Kune Do (The way of the Intercepting Fist).

Lee died on July 20, 1973, on the age of 32. when you consider that his death, Lee has persevered to be a distinguished impact on present day fight sports, which includes judo, karate, blended martial arts, and boxing, in addition to cutting-edge famous lifestyle, which include movie, tv, comics, animation and video video games. Time named Lee one of the 100 maximum crucial human beings of the 20th century.

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